About the Author

author photoJulia K. Patt mostly writes speculative fiction and fabulism, although the odd bit of literary realism sneaks out on occasion. Her particular favorites are punk (bio, solar, cyber, & otherwise), literary remixes, and the gothic.

Julia’s stories have appeared in Clarkesworld, Escape Pod, The Fiction Desk, PANKPhantom Drift, and Surreal South ’11, among other places. Currently, she is also trying her hand at a novel.

When she isn’t working on fiction, Julia writes book reviews and study guides, proofreads LGBTQ+ romance novels,  and teaches freshman comp. In her spare time, which is more copious than it may sound, she edits the Twitter zine, Seven by Twenty, and reads slush for PodCastle.

She lives in Maryland with the smallest, furriest Elder God and her unwitting orange tabby acolyte, which never fails to make life interesting.

Pronouns: she/her

Other identifiers: (Italian-)American, ace/aro, agnostic, pacifist, socialist, feminist, nerd, gamer, tea drinker, Baltimore Orioles fan, (Secret) Slytherin, INFJ, Neutral Good, maker of long lists.